Bath cupcakes!

It been about time, right?

I made these bad boys for the craft fair I was attending. They are so much fun to make, I think they look yummy, and they really make a nice bath.

Ever since I’ve heard of bath cupcakes I wanted to try to make them, but I only seemed to have found frosting recipes that are basically meringue. This was a problem for me because A) a lot of people don’t feel comfortable bathing in sugar water, and B) the meringue frosting doesn’t dissolve in bath water, it kind of floats there – some people say it can be used as a body scrub, but I didn’t like that very much, since it’s kind of hard and harsh.

So I decided to try a “whipped bath creamer” frosting. Basically, whipped butters with addition of bath bomb mixture.

Here we go!


Muffin cups ready and waiting

I prepared my muffin cases (baking cups, nut cups…) and made my bath bom base.

Bath bomb mixture

Bath bomb mixture

I like to add cocoa butter to the mixture to make it more nourishing. Once it has “wet sand” like consistency, I pack it tightly (but carefully) into the cups.

Packing the mixture in the cups

Packing the mixture in the cups

This step took for ever. If you don’t pack it in hard enough, it won’t hold, but if you do it too strongly, the paper cup will deform and it will be funny looking. I waited a couple of hours for the bath bomb bases to harden up, then I brushed free powder of their tops and prepared the frosting (sorry, no photos here..). It was kind of difficult to get the consistency right – I wanted it soft enough for piping but I also wanted the frosting to harden up later on. These are the results 🙂

Mojito bath cupcakes

Mojito bath cupcakes

Orange&lemon bath cupcakes

Orange & Lemon bath cupcakes

For the Mojito ones I used lime and peppermint essential oils, and garnished them with some brown sugar, drinking straws and soapy leaves (made from my CP soap according to Incredible soapy clay recipe). The Orange & Lemon cupcakes contain orange and lemon essential oils (duh!), drinking straws and dried orange slices.

I am quite happy with the results – they smell good enough to eat, make the bath water nice and nourishing and leave the skin feeling great after the bath. The only down side, and a big one sadly, is that the frosting is somewhat soft – they can definitely not be packed and shipped somewhere 😦
I guess I will have to figure a better frosting recipe. Any ideas?

Mojito time!

Mojito time!

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