Beeswax & honey soap

Hi everyone!

Want to know what I’ve n up to lately? I mean, beside changing the theme and layout of this blog a gazillion times?

It was about time to make new batch of Beeswax & honey soap. I use a simple recipe which includes 2% yellow beeswax and addition od 3% honey. Because of the sugars in honey, the soap mixture tends to heat quite a bit. Th first time I made the soap I’ve got a “beautiful” partial gel which was visible as a dark circle once the soap log was cut into bars. The next time I knew I had to keep my soap as cold as possible, I also used a lot of water. Luckily, it was winter time and I put my log mold on the balcony floor, right into the snow. That helped a lot, the soap stayed beautiful yellowish tan color, no gelling or overheating.

I’ve been reading about the effect of water content on Aunty Clara’s blog, and I thought that with all the sugar in my soap, maybe low water content is the way to go, to avoid overheating in summer months. I used 1:1,5 NaOH:water, this was also the first time I used master batched lye solution. I was also out of my usual Honeyed Fig & Saffron fragrance from Gracefruit, so I decided to use a mixture of two new fragrance oils, that I have never tested before. What a smart move, experimenting with fragrances and other things on a soap that is challenging enough by itself..

I soaped quite cool, at room temperatures. The soap mixture traced quite fast, then it started turning dark and getting a weird smell. I quickly poured it in my slab mold (that was also supped to keep the temperatures lower than a log mold), which had bubble wrap lined on the bottom, to give honeycomb texture. After 10 minutes or so, the soap gor very hot and hard enough that I could flipped it out of the mold onto the cold balcony floor.


There it is, on the floor to cool down

Even though I took it out of the mold rather quickly, it still heated pretty badly in the center.

Love the honeycomb effect

Love the honeycomb effect

I cut it the very next day. As you can see, I didn’t have any dividers in this slab mold, so I tried to cut with a cake cutting wire. It worked very well!

Cutting with a cake cutter

Cutting with a cake cutter

So yeah, the soap is darker that I hoped it would be, but the smell!!! Awful, weird, funky smell! I went easy ont the fragrance oils, because I wasn’t exactly sure how they would behave. I guess this is the effect honey can have. A couple od days later, the smell was much, much better already. So I hope at the end of the cure time, the bars will smell nice enough to use, instead of throw away (that was my first thought). Sadly, the smell is getting better, but the look is not. The overheating is very much visible 😦

Soap bar with dark part

Soap bar with dark part

I really like this soap, it is so nice and creamy, I hope the look of it won’t scare people.


Cleanup, my favourite part of soaping. NOT!

This is it for tonight, the next post will be exciting – I made my first ever bath bomb cupcakes!

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